Sunday, December 27, 2009

I love you Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is my new hero. First she made headlines twenty years ago when she began dating Tim Robbins. And now, she's dumped him for a guy thirty years her junior. Nice work. And I love the fact that he is a ping pong tournament organizer. Obviously, she likes to have fun and has a sense of humor. Refreshing.

Now I know I'm not an old bitty (never will be for that matter), but why do we place stigmas on women who date younger men. Let me just tell you, my mom married a younger guy. I totally admire my mom. But older women are called cougars, poncing young men into seduction...excuse that a crime? More power to you ladies! Train them to become better men, lovers, etc. Allow men to grow up.

It's these 20-something and 30-something guys who are trying to climb the corporate ladder and don't want to commit until they "make it" that drive me bonkers. What are you waiting for? To lose your hair, grow a beer gut, and then find someone young, fresh out of college in their early 20's who haven't figured you out yet? Answer: pretty much. And here's the thing that really bugs me...the women usually fall for them. Really? At 22 I wanted to run a movie studio. I wasn't thinking about getting married to an old dude with a beer gut. I was thinking about my career. I actually find ambitious people more attractive than those who constantly sit back and watch the clouds roll by. Life is what you make of it, so grab hold and have fun has always been my attitude...and if that's a crime. Then, I'm hanging out with Susan Sarandon, cause I think she's having a lot of fun.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


My mom's house is cold. Not just cold but in California, were talking bone-chilling temperatures. (Wendy...don't laugh). Seriously, you would think my mom is poor because she never turns on the heat in her house. Now most old people (sorry, mom...I'm publicly calling you old) move to warm weather states (Arizona and Florida respectively) and blast their heaters at all times. Not my mom, she already lives in Southern California and she believes (or has an aversion to) actually turning on her heater/thermostat. But why?????
With frost on her front lawn, I came down to my mom's, bundled up for a cozy time on the couch in front of her Christmas tree. Slept in cashmere, and flannel, and my nose is still frozen. It's in the 30's outside. That's cold.

Today (the 26th) my sister and I were chatting (at the La Costa Spa...which I highly recommend bytheway) about the proper etiquette to send email/texts/ men. I sent a text to a guy friend "hey are we on for dinner tonight" -- wherein she said to me, I should have said "chicken or fish" -- apparently I gave him an out. If you text someone "hey are we on tonight?" all signs point to desperation. Why? Is my thought. Does that speak "desperation" I don't think so, but what do I know? Trina says, if you ask him "chicken or fish" he has to answer -- bad me! I'm not good at this relationship thing. Really I'm not good at much. Truly. Well, strike that, I am good at some things, which you will all learn in future posts...but that's for when our relationship really develops. For now, I'm curious on what you all think? Chicken or fish?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

First entry:
All men have left the building. It is Christmas Eve afterall and only really crazy people are working. Well, maybe not everyone is crazy. I mean there are people who work at malls, grocery stores, UPS, FedEx etc...they aren't crazy (except maybe crazy busy...ha!) But I work in an office at a production company. Who else is working? Right. No one. But its this quietness that allows me to actually be productive. I'm hardly an effective employee when the office is full or chaos. Actually is anyone?
Anyway...welcome to my blog. I will extoll inner musings and hopefully share stories of love and loss, frustration and well..more frustration as I traverse the dating scene of La La Land. Granted, you will all need to really purchase my book when its published, but for now, you can read on and enjoy my pathetic life.
Welcome...I guarentee a bumpy ride.