Friday, December 23, 2011

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

Well you’ve done good.

While last year I asked for a man to be wrapped and placed under my tree…I realize it took you a bit longer to send him to me. I knew it when I met him that he was your belated gift because one of our first dates was…where else? Under a tree in a forest wrapped up in many blankets.

So I have to say thank you Santa. You sent me the person I have been looking for. He’s not annoyed that I write about men and dates…(in fact, I think he kinda enjoys it.) When I took him to Tiffany’s…he made a purchase in an instant. No doe eyes, no looking at him longingly. He just did it. (I know Santa…where did you find him? I’m assuming Mrs. Claus had something to do with it…after all, I have learned from her…a way to a man’s heart is always through a plate of cookies.)

But honestly Santa…I think the reason this relationship is working is because this man can make me laugh at pretty much anything. (If not, I’m usually just laughing at myself.) But even when we have arguments, we discuss things like adults, admit our faults and nagging ways, and move through all conflict resolution like adults…(maybe I really did need all that time.)

You gave me hope, Santa. You let me find happiness even when I started to doubt the process. (But I will say…dating lots of different people has inspired so many stories for my novels!)

So Santa, this year I’ll tell you what I would like….I’d like you to spread the love and set up a couple friends of mine. I have been very good (I know you have been watching) and I think my friends deserve love too. So wrap up a couple of well mannered men and stick them under their trees, and if they aren’t there on Christmas morning…I’ll tell them to do some tree hugging.

Because it worked for me.

So Santa, I will see you bright and early Saturday night while I share a cozy fireplace moment with my BF. Then you can come down the chimney, we’ll share a mocha, and chat about who has been naughty and nice -- Maybe partake in a glass of sherry before you take off for the night. Then my Stud Muffin and I will look up into the sky and see your flickering sleigh ride across our night sky…and we will reflect at how truly we lucky to have found each other.

Thank you again Santa… You’re the best. And MERRY CHRISTMAS!



Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Street Walking (And not like that..head out of gutter please.)

I’m usually not the one to wake up early on a Sunday, don my walking shoes, and hit the cold streets of Hollywood…but on Sunday, December 4th, I joined KCET (a local Los Angeles Community based TV Station) viewers on the Art Deco Tour of Hollywood as part of their new program “The SoCal Adventure” (formally called, “That Something Special”).

My M.O. in Hollywood is usually sipping drinks at swanky bars, but on this particular morning, I was looking at the outside of one of my favorite eateries Beso (Hi Eva Longoria), in a whole new light…as a preservationist, as a student of architecture…and quite frankly, as a tourist in my home town.

It was a lively bunch as our host, John Thomas, the President of the Art Deco Society, had us zig zaging the streets, learning new terms like “chervons”; “sunbursts” and “flora” motifs. We were asked to look for “water spouts” and “Egyptian influences.” We learned about the design moderne style (that would be Beso’s look) and we walked past well preserved store fronts, and those that had been abandoned for some time and needed some serious TLC.

A highlight was looking at the Wilcox Library which had just received a fresh coat of paint, and of course, the Egyptian theater which is now run by American Cinematheque which has a great calendar of events coming up.

But most importantly, at this time of year when my feet are usually sore from my mall haul, I was glad to participate in something a bit more cultural, hang with freinds, and get a new view of Hollywood…or maybe not new, but I’m able to view it with new eyes or appreciation.  As I drove away from Hollywood, I sat at a light in front of the famous Wiltern Theater (at Wilshire and Western) and wouldn't you know what was looking back at me?  Sunbursts, water fountain motifs...and lots of lots of chevrons.  I secretly chuckled to myself...the art deco influences were all around me and I never even stopped to notice them before. 
For more information on the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles:
For more information on KCET…visit
Stay tuned…I’m heading to more events soon.

Wilcox Library

Out in front of the Pantages Theater

Hollywood and Vine...Apartment Building in the Art Deco Style

Looking up at the sights.

Our guide John Thomas