Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sexy Halloween

Halloween is the one day out of the year when we all get to dress up and look like utter fools doing normal activities.  As I write this blog, I’m sitting here in my “Heidi” costume wearing a low cut sort of “beer wench” outfit and have been asked what restaurant I work at. 

But when I first got dressed this morning, and revealed my outfit for my boyfriend .  He did a double take…he sure loves a costume.   

What is it about costumes that get men aroused? 

Ask any man, and their eyes will light up when they talk about their favorite costumes.  I talked with a couple of male colleagues and their general consensus was that they like it when women dress up like superheroes.  Really, they want me to dress in some Linda Carter Wonder Woman briefs, with gold cuffs and high lace up boots?    

So I asked my boyfriend, what day did you know that I was the one for you? His answer: “The day I came up to visit you and you had on your kitty cat outfit.”  Ah yes, the sexy kitten costume, another male favorite.  That’s always a good one but is it me, or is every costume some sort of “sexy” something?  And do men really need costumes to get going?

Head to any costume shop and you’ll find the sexy superhero, sexy witch, sexy Dorothy, sexy Little Red Riding Hood, sexy nurse, sexy pirate and the list goes on and on.  Apparently, yes…guys want to see their girls in low cut inapproatriate office attire, and if it’s one day out of the year…fine.

Honestly, I used to not dress up.  Or if I did dress up, I’d make my own, non-sexy costume.  In fact, I once went out with a bunch of friends as a group on the Titanic.  We had Jack and Rose, Unsinkable Molly Brown…and me…as the Titanic ship and I even had an iceberg made of Styrofoam. We were the hit of every party. 

Sexy?  No. Funny, yes!  But, it did not get me a date.

So I‘ve learned a few things over the years.  Men like costumes. Sexy costumes.  That is why they are so abundantly available at every costume stores.  So if that’s your intension this Halloween…put on your inner sex kitten and hit the town.  Or you can always go down as the Titanic. 

Nonetheless, I like to dress up, do a little role play for my BF.  So if those costume shops start having a sale tomorrow…I might pick up a small stockpile.  Right now, this Heidi-Bar-maid-wench needs to abide auf wiedersehen and head out to do some trick or treating.  

Have a fun and safe Halloween.