Sunday, May 18, 2014

Different Shades of Life

My life has always been full of color, and not just shades of grey. I color outside the lines, not particularly fond of rules, and I like to beat my own drum. As a writer, I’m in charge of my own career: I work at the beach, the park, and of course, at a coffee shop. (Why stay in one office when the world is my office?) I have travelled around the world, and spent time living in the German wine country writing a novel I knew would never see the light of day, because I could. I take risks and know the consciences. I have great, colorful friends from all walks of life and love meeting new people because you never know where a story will come from. As I tell my accountant….everything is a write off because who knows what will inspire me. When I got married, exactly one year ago today, I learned a whole new color wheel. I always tell my husband, I’ve mastered the art of being single, but married, you’re going to have to spare me a few selfish moments here and then…this is foreign territory. And what I realized is that he has taught me more about myself, men, and life, than I could ever imagine. A rainbow of conversations, during the duration of our relationship, has exploded. Then today happens: Our one year anniversary. We are supposed to give the gift of “paper”. We both were blank as what to get each other….should I get him new business cards? Stationary? A framed print? Urgh…I got lazy and in a moment of “I have to give him something” I went on Vistaprint and ordered notepads. (Don’t give me hell…they are cute…but boring I know.) My husband, on the other hand, wrote me this poem: “Shades of Love” by Brand Silent trees majestically surround A pool of water in the ground Green and yellow become the norm Following a chaotic fire storm The changing smells of fresh food Drowning out the party mood Young and old swinging all around Lights twinkling up and down The couple talks and weaves signs Showing the commitment of the times Holding hands starring into eyes Lost in the moment they can’t deny Sharing space with friends and strangers Hearing sounds that show no danger With a clink of glass and vocal note All eyes up front without emote The smiling faces and grand attire Brings to close the gorgeous fire Of the night and white dove Closely boned in their love I love you Brand for being the most loving, supportive, understanding, funny, annoying, stubborn, argumentative, and the polar opposite of me. You’ve opened my eyes to so many things. You make me laugh almost on a daily basis, and almost as frequently drive me bonkers. You are as colorful as Joseph’s coat and, as we roll through this strange world, I look forward to each new challenge life gives us. You are my best friend, partner, lover, confidant, supporter, campaign manager, breakfast chef, shower mate, accountant, bounce-board and are always there for me. I trust you. You are every color in my rainbow. Thank you for opening my eyes to new shades of love. Marrying you was the best day of my life. Happy first year anniversary.