Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa 2012

Dear Santa,
Sorry I’m getting you this letter a bit late, but here it goes.  Every year I ask for different presents and things I would like to see under my tree.  You have done an amazing job: From the Dulet Toaster, to cute designer jeans and a to-die-for Michael Kors handbag.  Your shopping skills are top notch (just like my fabulous sister!)  
I even wrote to you and asked for a boyfriend…and while he wasn’t under my Christmas tree, he did arrive at the perfect time.  And last year, I asked for some date-able men for my friends …and whether they want to believe it or not…each and every one of them got some cuddling in 2012…so I think that was to some extent, successful.
This year my request is a bit more humbling I’m afraid. 
My Barista (kidding!)
I’d just like to pay it forward.  Something like the #26Acts.  Literally this morning, I ran some errands, one of which was cashing my paycheck…and with the cash I took out, I paid for a line of drinks at Starbucks.  Felt good.  Almost like the best Christmas present I didn’t actually get.  What’s that old saying?  It’s better to give than receive?  There could be no truer words.  So I guess I’m asking you to spread the word…tell people to participate in random acts of kindness.  (Something I wish I did more of.)
During this odd holiday season when our country was delivered a devastating blow so close to the holidays, make you sit back and realize how much we have to be grateful for.  I have a wonderful family, an awesome boyfriend, cuddly pets, amazing friendships, and food and treasures in abundance.  So much to be thankful for. 
Now I’m not going to lie, of course I purchased many gifts to give out this holiday season to my loved ones (including my publisher), but even if I got a dead rat in my stocking…I’d be just fine.
My heart is full of love.
Let’s all try and make it a Merry Christmas!  See you bright and early.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Girl's Weekends

You know when you have guy trouble and you just need a good girlfriend to get you through it?  I hear you, loud and clear.

Let me tell you…once upon a time, I wanted (with my girlfriends) to write a book called “A Girlfriends Guide to Getting Away” – which was all about “girl’s weekends”.  It was a “how-to guide” on how to throw the ultimate getaway to release from your life and let your hair down with the gals who know you best.  Ultimately with four writers on board…we never got to publishing it and had many different directions.  But here are a few things I learned along the way:

1)      You do not need a gaggle of besties to make a Girl’s Weekend. 

2)      You CAN get away with ONE good girlfriend who needs you.

3)      If inviting a group: make sure everyone knows each other.  (Awkward times abound if you do not.)

4)      This is not about a YOU weekend…it’s about sharing.  You do not need to be the center of attention.

It is no secret I’m in a relationship, but I have many friends who are not.  Recently, a girlfriend who is experiencing a difficult break-up needed me.  As I tried to explain it to my BF, “I need to be there for my girlfriend” – he sort of understood as I left him at the drop of a hat to be by her side (which is another quality I love about him). But honestly, she knows I was swamped (holidays!) and was busy (deadlines!)…but ultimately…it gave me a couple days (peace), and I’m there for my friends.  

Now I should tell you…my girlfriend in need was at a work retreat at a fabulous Spa an hour away from my home.  This sounded totally awesome to my boring ho-hum life.  So between tequila tasting, spa treatments, and exquisite dinners…I was there to listen, give advice, and well, be a friend. (And did I mention this retreat was AWESOME!)

So, I arrived 10 minutes before my friend needed to jump into a mixer (um, zero girl time); then had 5 minutes before our tequila tasting, before our fab dinner in their ultra-hip bar before I could….whew…put on my bathing suit in our private hot tub to say “WFT” is going on???

All in all, I got the scoop.  Put my life on hold and was there for my friend. 

The point is: Girl’s weekends are a must. Sometimes we need help. Sometimes we yell out and seek our friends to bail us throw the tough times.  Everyone needs a break from time to time.  Cherish your friendships….and it’s awesome to have your girlfriend’s help you get through even the most difficult time.

Life can be busy and inconvenient but friendships last can forever.  Listen and always be a friend…it will always be a reward.