Monday, December 24, 2012

Dear Santa 2012

Dear Santa,
Sorry I’m getting you this letter a bit late, but here it goes.  Every year I ask for different presents and things I would like to see under my tree.  You have done an amazing job: From the Dulet Toaster, to cute designer jeans and a to-die-for Michael Kors handbag.  Your shopping skills are top notch (just like my fabulous sister!)  
I even wrote to you and asked for a boyfriend…and while he wasn’t under my Christmas tree, he did arrive at the perfect time.  And last year, I asked for some date-able men for my friends …and whether they want to believe it or not…each and every one of them got some cuddling in 2012…so I think that was to some extent, successful.
This year my request is a bit more humbling I’m afraid. 
My Barista (kidding!)
I’d just like to pay it forward.  Something like the #26Acts.  Literally this morning, I ran some errands, one of which was cashing my paycheck…and with the cash I took out, I paid for a line of drinks at Starbucks.  Felt good.  Almost like the best Christmas present I didn’t actually get.  What’s that old saying?  It’s better to give than receive?  There could be no truer words.  So I guess I’m asking you to spread the word…tell people to participate in random acts of kindness.  (Something I wish I did more of.)
During this odd holiday season when our country was delivered a devastating blow so close to the holidays, make you sit back and realize how much we have to be grateful for.  I have a wonderful family, an awesome boyfriend, cuddly pets, amazing friendships, and food and treasures in abundance.  So much to be thankful for. 
Now I’m not going to lie, of course I purchased many gifts to give out this holiday season to my loved ones (including my publisher), but even if I got a dead rat in my stocking…I’d be just fine.
My heart is full of love.
Let’s all try and make it a Merry Christmas!  See you bright and early.


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